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I can recall even at the age of 5 years old my Dad tossing a ball to me and as I caught it he would say to me "Good catch son!" My dad was a very good baseball player when he was young. As a young boy, he was selected to be Babe Ruth’s batboy when he came to town in Detroit, MI. Can you imagine? Babe Ruth tossing a ball to you and saying, "Good catch!"

As my dad got older, he wanted to go as far as he could with his baseball career and was able to play with some of the greatest players in history along the way. Although it was his dream, it just didn’t unfold as he had hoped.

As I grew older, my dad would take my brother and I into the back yard of our home and start throwing and hitting the ball to us and teaching us how to catch and throw. When we would field the ball in just the right way, he would shout out "Good catch, boys!"

Playing little league baseball and in junior high and high school, I continued to play baseball to the best of my abilities. All throughout this time, as I would practice or play in games and as I would make a good fielding play, my teammates and coach would shout out to me "Good catch, Tom!"

I always enjoyed hearing my dad tell me "Good catch!" All throughout the time I played baseball, I enjoyed someone telling me good catch! It was as if I was doing something really well, something that brought attention. The joy of having accomplished something that someone saw as a thing of value.

As I was asking the Lord what to write for this Newsletter, He brought back to me these memories of when I played baseball. He began to lay on my heart what it was to make a good catch and how I could continue for the rest of my life.

He let me know what the true meaning of good catch is in my life. How important it is for all of us to try to make that good catch throughout our lives.

You see, the good catch He is talking about comes in many forms. It could be an act of kindness that God lays on our heart without being asked, or told, just out of mercy.

The other day I was so sick at home and was not able to cut the grass that was growing taller. Then, I heard a lawn mower running outside and as I looked out my window, I could see Ray, my son-in-law, cutting my grass for me. He didn’t ask, he wasn’t told, he just came over with his compassion and mercy as he filled in for me with his strength, in a time of my weakness. For that, I say "Good catch, Ray!""

What can make up a good catch? It could be a man that works two jobs with one being a ministry that helps feed, clothe, and share God’s word every day. A man I know by the name of Lou Stables -- I believe that God is saying "Good catch, Lou!"

It could be just a person that is praying for you each day. A person that is calling out to the Lord and standing in the gap for you as you struggle with a sickness, financial, or family situation. I have many family and friends that are doing this for me, and for their servant spirit and extended love, I say "Good catch!"

Receiving a word of encouragement from my dad was great. I will never forget those memories but serving my heavenly Father in the ways of what you have learned and read in His word give us a touch of His unbroken spirit.

Regardless of where or when you are tapped on the shoulder to serve someone in need, or given His message to share, we all want to hear those words from our Savior that make us feel worthy for a moment.

I believe that one of the best catches of all is when God sends someone into our life. He sends them by your path, you receive that nudge, and by your faith, you began to move forward with the Grace of God by your side.

Then, with God standing with you and pouring into your heart the deepest compassion for this stranger, He gives you the opportunity to share His incredible love and Saving Grace, so they can live for eternity. Is that, not a catch to remember?

This is when, I believe, God leans over and whispers in your ear ...........

I rolled out the ball of life for you, and with the boldness of the spirit I have placed within your heart you have believed, received, served, and shared;

Great Catch!

The Sower

Matthew 13:23
But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.”

Good catch!

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