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I started reading through the Bible again. As I started with Genesis and on to Exodus, I was reminded of the great movement of God from the beginning of time. The thoughts and sights of those historical moments passing through the minds of those who walked and lived back then. They had to be a rare time in their life.

Reading about each event again gave me pause to reflect on how it must have felt to each generation as they fought and struggled to preserve their lives in the face of such a time of testing and trials.

Yet, in all the turmoil, God’s hand would prevail through victory and destruction. How could they look at those events and not consider it rare?

The rarest moments in time. From Johann Sebastian Bach creating symphonies of music and Leonardo Da Vinci creating the last supper to give us a look at what is rare in the world of art. Think of the music provided to us by thousands of artists and rare men, like Billy Graham, who seek our Savior for just the right words to penetrate our hearts in order for us to seek the Savior of man.

How about the 66 books of the Word of God? Each author's words fixed into their hearts, passing through their spirit and on to scrolls that would be translated into hundreds of languages throughout history just so we could get that glimpse of rare.

The rarest things of this world are all from God. Think of the incredible animal and plant life that God created with the most divine touch of beauty and perfection to last since the beginning of time.

Think of what God has provided for food we have to eat, the smell of a flower and the sight of someone’s salvation taking place right before our eyes.

Even a simple breath of air or an everyday step forward is rare to many when you don’t have it. What about a compassionate word spoken to a person in this hurting world at the right time? It can be rare to the giver and the receiver.

God loves rare. His Glory is revealed through rare. His presence is consumed in rare and His Grace covers this earth with rare, every second of every day.

What is it within your spirit that you can recall right now, in this moment, as His rare touch in your life? How many times has God poured His rare divine arm of mercy and grace before your eyes and let you know that He is very rare?

The other day a friend of mine who was staying with us for a few days had to take someone to the airport very early in the morning. He had asked if I would ride along with him, so I did.

We left the house and headed to pick this person up. As we arrived at the hotel, we waited for a moment and this person walked out. This person was not anyone famous or distinguishing. This person was just living in this world as we do, day-by-day fighting the struggles of life and pursuing their goals.

As this person entered the car, I could see that it was a woman about 50 years old and she had a spirit of joy and love within her voice. As she approached the car, my friend Jimmy said, "Let me introduce to you a sweet lady. Her name is Morning Sun, Yellow Pony. Yes, she is Native American, a Cherokee."

As we started our conversation, I quickly realized through her chosen words that she also was battling cancer of a different kind, so we had something in common to talk about. To my surprise, our conversation quickly moved into God, the Lord, our Savior and His touch in each of our lives.

She shared with us her love of God and her walk each day with Him. She shared that she has a ministry in Wyoming in which she shares Jesus Christ with Native Americans in a wide area from her home. This is her calling, this is her ministry, this is her life.

She told us that she speaks 10 different Native American languages to reach several tribes in reservations throughout her land. She will speak to tribal leaders and all those in need and willing to hear her share the gospel.

Revivals, shelters for the homeless, and rehab centers for those dealing with alcohol and drug addiction, are some of the main areas where she is called to minister by our Lord. Her tremendous voice within our car as we traveled down the road was inspiring, to say the least.

As we dropped her off at the airport, she grabbed her bag and turned to me and said, "When you speak of your cancer, say the cancer, not your cancer. It is not yours. It is not of God. It is from the enemy and when we pray, we must claim victory over it, every time."

What are the chances that I would have had an opportunity to spend a few minutes with a stranger, now a shared believer, in a car that I wasn’t even supposed to be in? Sharing our Savior, hearing how God is pouring into her life and the lives of those she touches in the Native American area of our country. Giving me a word of encouragement along her journey and mine.

It’s impossible to get away from seeing our God and His infinite design of this world. From the great land and seas, the beautiful creation of life in all forms, and our humanity that is given such grace, love and mercy each moment.

I believe that if we count it as Rare, it will resound a greater miraculous movement deep within our soul and always be a reminder of just how it is; So Rare!  

My Thoughts

The word of God is rare in some places of the world. But the evidence of His presence is everywhere!


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