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Earlier this week I was backing into my driveway at home. I pull in backwards because when I enter the traffic on our street, I can see both ways a little easier. So, I pulled backwards all the way back to the end of the driveway. I was recovering from a bone marrow biopsy I had to undergo just a few days before and I was a little sick.


I turned off the engine and just sat in the car for a few moments thinking of my life and what has taken place since I received Christ as my savior. I guess I was just evaluating all of the hills and valleys I have journeyed on throughout the years. As I sat there in my car, I looked through my side window into the driver’s side mirror and noticed something.


A couple of years ago I asked my neighbor Ed to make me a Christian fish with a cross in it. I gave him the drawing and he made it just right. It is about four feet across and two feet high. I painted it red and the cross inside white. I hung it on a gate to my storage area. As I sat in my car and looked into my side mirror, I noticed that I had parked so that the reflection of the fish was completely in my mirror.


Studying the fish for a moment, I thought to myself, was I looking at the fish going upstream or downstream? I began to think of all of my victories and battles and wonder how long I spent pushing myself upstream and fighting the current. Then I thought of the times I gave way to God and let Him take me downstream.

I believe that my upstream battles were greater than receiving the ease of traveling downstream. How much time in my life I spent fighting, pushing, and attacking the current on my own power when all I had to do was turn around and let my Savior's current carry me wherever it flowed.  


Today I met a lady by the name of Carolyn. She is in a long-term care community facility. She has stage four breast cancer. As I walked down the hallway, I was asking God how I could minister to her today. Entering her room, I saw this wonderful lady sitting in a wheelchair with a smile on her face and a glow about her spirit.


We moved to a lobby area where we could talk a little easier. As she begins to share with me, it was clear that she was filled with the most amazing grace of God I believe I have ever seen. Since we both have cancer, we were able to discuss our sickness and identify with each other’s journey.


As she continued to share her love for our Savior, I quickly realized that God was foremost and the center of every moment of her every day. Her overwhelming passion and walk with God displayed a spirit of joy that was pouring out of her with each word. 


She told me that several times she had an encounter with God, which was hard to explain but it was a miraculous touch of His love for her that has given her a peace that few have experienced.


Sitting there next to her I reflected back to the fish on my gate. Listening to her share made it clear that for some time now she has been traveling downstream with God and, despite her condition, there is no chance she would ever make any effort to turn around and fight the current upstream. It was inspiring to me!


Think of where you are in your life, where your Savior has walked with you in your life, and what choices you are making in your life. How close are you to allowing His presence to imprint what determines your next step? 


The next time you are faced with a trial or just a decision, in that moment, stop and think, do I want to travel upstream on my own, fighting the water against me or should I let Hs current carry me downstream to my next destination?


The power and strength of the living water He provides is overwhelming and His call to turn against the current and follow Him is always present.  


When you get in your car, take just a moment and look in your side-view mirror, imagining that red fish with the cross inside, and ask yourself: 

Upstream or downstream?

I want to be like Carolyn, downstream all the time, all the way!!
John 7:38
He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

Matthew 16:24 
Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me."

Upstream or Downstream?

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