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About Us

Our ministry is for survivors, family and friends of all walks, ages and nationalities throughout the world living and experiencing the battle with cancer. It is about God giving us a door to walk through by His strength and sharing His love for all who will hear His message.

This is a ministry of faith and perseverance during the most difficult time we face in our life. We draw on our Savior to walk with us and open the eyes and hearts of those around us as we share the message of His saving Grace.

There is the passion and presence of God that as survivors, family and friends, we experience and live in the moment. It is through His touch of grace that we are able to lean on during these most difficult times.
This is why we have a bond and understanding together, that we can express to the world around us. We have a message for the lost and hurting world that is carrying this weight without Christ. 
We can use our journey with God to reach out and share Jesus so someone can begin their journey. Well or sick, strong or weak we want to receive all He has for us each moment for as long as we are able. By His grace we can further His kingdom through this ministry as we continue to take each new breath of life.  

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