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Letters of Hope

These letters express my journey, my faith, my cancer and by love of my Savior. They have been written over years of time as God has led me to place them into letters of HOPE.

They are intended to help those who will read them as they carry on through their lives with cancer or their own walk with God.

I hope they will be a blessing of encouragement to you as they have helped me just to write them.

I will add letters as my time on this earth will remain until God takes me home.

Thomas E Osborn

Back to the Porch!!

It was just a few days ago I woke up at 5:00 am. It was still dark outside and as quiet and still as it could be. I laid there in my bed for a moment thinking, why was I so awake so early? As I continued to lay there, I guess we all think of just trying to nod off and return to sleep because we feel that it is something we need at the time.

Begin Again!

I believe that all of us at one time or another has experienced starting over in something in our life. Even since the beginning of man we have had to begin again in a myriad of life situations and circumstances. Beginning again is just a component of what makes us who we are and helps us to build strength within our character and personality. Isn’t God great? Even through the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden, God still had a plan to help us begin again!

Build A Bridge

Sometimes in our life we come to a place that seems to be too great to overcome or just too far apart from what we feel we can reach. It’s a bridge that separates us from whatever God has confronted us with. Whether it is fear or laps in our faith it stands before us as a test in time for us to walk with God. Looking at your bridge, what lies before you usually involves someone else, someone in need.

Do I have the time?

This month's newsletter is a little different for me. Just after last month's edition came out, I began having medical problems and I had to go to the doctor for tests. He then referred me to an oncologist. Once I met with the oncologist, and with further blood and bone marrow tests, he diagnosed me with T-cell large granular lymphocyte leukemia.

Ever wonder?

Ever wonder how many people are passing by you each day that have not received Christ as their Savior? What if they were marked in some way, like a large (W) on their back which stood for “waiting” waiting for someone to speak to them or tell them about Jesus. Or, they had a large (U) on their back that stood for “undecided”. Maybe they would display a (NR) for “not ready”. Would it help us, or would we still keep Jesus to ourselves? It makes me wonder where I have failed and who I have failed.

Good catch!

I can recall even at the age of 5 years old my Dad tossing a ball to me and as I caught it he would say to me "Good catch son!" My dad was a very good baseball player when he was young. As a young boy, he was selected to be Babe Ruth’s batboy when he came to town in Detroit, MI. Can you imagine? Babe Ruth tossing a ball to you and saying, "Good catch!"

How do we get beyond “PUSH”?

I was thinking about the world we live in and our daily life. Many times, through life we are confronted with situations and life moments we must confront. Some of these are created by us and some come across our path and we just have to pick up the pieces where they are laid before us. 

How far do you believe?

I was in prayer the other day calling out to God for help in my time of need. I had just received 3 units of blood at the hospital the day before for my leukemia, but I was very ill. I am usually feeling much better the next day. So, I was appealing to my Savior for a touch of relief.

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