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  • Tom Osborn

Moving beyond your comfort line!

Why do so many of us push our kingdom mission in the back of our daily walk. I believe that we all do it some of the time and others a lot of the time. As we are bombarded by the world media and the fast pace of today’s society, it affects our walk with our Savior.

We don’t want to, and are not intending to stray away from sharing and serving our Lord through our testimony’s and witnessing. With the broad attention of this world directed to our surroundings, the fast-paced social media, twenty four hours of news, shows and advertising, they all play their role in redirecting our attention.

So, what do we do? How do we capture more of God in our life and less of the world's mass media? Or even, how do we use our social media we have in our possession to share the gospel with the world?

The easy fix, is to tell you to start reading in the word and praying each morning, giving God the first of your day, mediating in His word and will for you believing that He will honor that commitment of faith the rest of your day. This is so true, but don’t think that it is all taken care of and your life will be perfect. The world is still there and we live in it as we continue each of our journeys.

What is the good news? The good news is that by taking that step of faith each day and pursuing to move your comfort line a little further, we then reach out to someone in your world just to say, “is there somthing I can pray about for you today”. This simple step of love for another can change a persons life in a moment, a moment that you had the courage to move beyond your comfort line.

We need to be aware that God is for us, He is in us and with us every second of our life. His plan is for us to move forward in our faith and share His word to further His kingdom on this earth. We are the plan, but we must move forward in our faith and boldness as we walk out into this world.

Remember, our Lord and Savior is always within reach. Together, drawing on His strength of grace and mercy we can capture a mountain of belief that will change the world surrounding us and help each of us to live with the courage He intended. To show others the way.

Today, move beyond your comfort line!

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