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  • Tom Osborn

New Song!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

A close friend of mine was visiting us recently. He stayed with us for a few days as he attended a music convention. As it came time for him to leave and return home he said ” let me show you a new song I am working on, I will play a little of it for you”.

As he was fine tuning his guitar one string at a time getting it ready to play, I just thought of how God works within us in so many ways in our lives.

I thought of how He takes us by the hand and fine-tunes us one step at a time as we go through our life. I can see for some of us, that His tuning process is slow at times and yet He knows just how to bring us into harmony.

Do you ever think that His intent is to help us stay in tune all the time so we can deliver His message clear and in one voice?

I believe that He is always working in us and through us in order to help us harvest a new song in our heart for others, in our walk to carry on even in hard times, and to inspire us to sing out loud with joy for our salivation.

I want to encourage you to receive His fine tuning and live for the new song He is creating within your heart, for that new song is for the world around you, and He is the author and you are the instrument.

Embrace your New Song!

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